The Lessons We Learned Building A Coffee Empire
On Amazon Can Be Applied In So Many Ways!

My wife Sara and I have decided to share secrets we have learned to successfully sell coffee on Amazon US, Amazon UK, and the European Marketplace.

We are excited to offer a Coffee Master Class where we teach interested students how to successfully sell coffee or any other brandable product online.

Why Sell Coffee?

  • Coffee is a huge market
  • Ability to replenish inventory
  • Repeat LOYAL customers
  • Average order size and scalability

It doesn’t get much better than that when looking for a product to successfully sell online!


Again, the principles taught in this class go beyond coffee. They can be applied to multi-packing and any product to build a strong brand with a loyal customer base.

Death Wish Coffee

mike-shop-01This course was created with the input of Mike Brown, owner of Death Wish Coffee. His coffee brand regularly beats the "big brands" like Folgers and Maxwell House on Amazon. Mike also recently won a $5 million commercial for the "Big Game" from Intuit QuickBooks – see

Mike knows how to build an international brand. His coffee will soon be a household name in the United States and much of the rest of the world.

What's Included In The Class?

  • 10 Hours of Webinar training with steps on how and why to trade coffee on Amazon and other online channels
  • Exclusive Facebook Group where we discuss strategies that are working now and how you can benefit from the trading of the 2nd most imported item into the USA
  • Dedicated weekly questions hour session. The Facebook group is not to be confused with one-on-one personal coaching. This is a group coaching setting and I will be available usually early in the morning and afternoons/evening to facilitate group chat and questions from Monday - Friday of each week.
  • We also have several recorded Private Spreecasts that discuss topics that might not be clear to the group. The key to this group is for individuals to take action. We also share specific deals that have worked for us both in the US and UK.

All discussions pertaining to trading coffee
and/or building specific brands should remain confidential.

To make this class work for you, we recommend a few simple student requirements.

  • Active participation in the Facebook group dicussions to ask questions & learn from others
  • The ability to take action on points discussed and implement strategies
  • Creative mindset and postive attitude toward learning

Your Jamaican Amazon Partners
–Barrington & Sara McIntosh

cockrum-jim-04Barrington has quickly risen in our community to be one of the most trusted and most creative leaders in regards to selling on Amazon. I'm excited to continue to endorse Barrington and his wife Sara as two of our most valuable and knowledgeable resources we have to offer our community. I am also thrilled that Mike was able to join us for a good portion of the training course. You'll benefit from his extensive knowledge of building a brand and selling it online.

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If you aren't entirely satisfied with your purchase please call or drop us an email, and we'll quickly issue a refund of your entire purchase amount. Take your time, check it out, and more importantly, put this powerful information to work for you, but if you find it's just not for you we don't want to keep your money. All support and contact options can be found at on the “contact” page, as well as in the email you'll receive upon ordering.

Why do we ask for your phone number as part of the order? Because Jim Cockrum or someone from his staff will contact you to make sure you got your order and to offer you a free Q/A session about this and any other of our products. Jim makes several calls per week as a way to stay in close contact with his readers. When we call you, you can expect a friendly, informative chat with someone who truly cares about your success. We leave every contact better than we found them 100% of the time. There is no high pressure pitch or up-sell and we won't share your name or contact info with anyone.

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